Tentative Table of Contents






I. Early Letters to the Editor (1915-1925)

    1. Defends VA. Seminary

    2. Concerning a Sort of Patriotism

    3. Rev. V. N. Johns

II. Essays and Sermons (1925-1930)

    1. Transfigured Moments

    2. A Christmas Sermon

    3. What Ails the World?

    4. The Men Who Let Us Drink

    5. Religion and the Open Mind

    6. Rock Foundations

    7. A Philosophy of Joy

    8. The Foundation of Immortality

III. Essays and Speeches (1930-1945)

    1. Race Relations – A Test of Vital Christianity

    2. The Parables of the Cup and Saucer and the Man in the Moon

    3. A Negro Agrarian Culture

    4. It Could Be So #1-17

    5. Please Be Seated ... #1-12

    6. West Virginia and the Civil War

IV. Essays, Letters to the Editor, a Litany and Sermons (1945-1955)

    1. Village Prophet

    2. The Man Who Started Freedom

    3. A Christian and His Money

    4. In Answer To Our 1860 Edition

    5. Separate-But-Equal

    6. A Businessman’s Appraisal of Jesus

    7. What To Do with What is Left

    8. May Judges Come to Hate Slavery

    9. Civilized Interiors

    10. Concatenation of Injustices

    11. Morning Service

    12. Untitled Sermon on Exodus 4:2-5

    13. Untitled Sermon on Acts 12:5

    14. Tribute to Father Purcell

    15. A Jew Discovers the Ground the Negro Should

    16. Manuscript Sermons and Notes

    17. Nature Makes Few Mistakes

V. Human Possibilities

    1. We Place in Nomination Jesus of Nazareth

    2. The Divine Adventure with Dust

    3. Inherent Difficulties of Dichotomous Existence

    4. The Impelling Inner World

    5. Prophetic Interference in Old Testament Politics

    6. Dreams of the Utopian State

    7. A Child of Sign and Portents

    8. The Simplest Significant Beginning

VI. Late Essays, a Doggerel, and Sermons (1955-1965)

    1. "Children, Have Ye Any Meat?"

    2. The Technique of Community

    3. The Man Who Didn't Like Heaven

    4. What To Do With Life

    5. Here Comes the Dreamer

    6. Second Century

    7. A Religious History of the Civil War

    8. The World's Most Important Conversation

    9. The Romance of Death


    1. "Religion in God’s Name ‘Damnable,’ Pastor Declares"

    2. "Calls Man Fool and a Liar Who Lives Too High"

    3. "Patience and Faith Extolled by Dr. V. Johns"

    4. "White Man Negro’s God, Says Pastor"

    5. Staff Correspondent, "N. C. College Seniors Told To Face Life Courageously"

    6. "Dr. Vernon Johns Heard at Eureka Lodge Annual Service"

    7. "Christianity Only Hope, Virginia Educator Warns"

    8. "Challenge Is Hurled By Dr. Johns"

    9. "Dr. Vernon Johns Says Race Still Illiterate In Speech"

    11. "The Downfall of Dr. Douglas S. Freeman’s Idol"

    12. Lerone Bennett, Jr., "‘Select Goals Worthy of Great Lives,’ Washington Grads Told"

    13. Joe Azbell, "Church Services at Dexter Ave. Baptist Church"

    14. Carl T. Rowan, "Jim Crow’s Last Stand?"

    15. "Miracles Happen Every Day, Says Dr. Johns"



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